Tabproxy - Privacy Policy

You are utilizing our services for your convenience, to access connected services, and to get to know you better. When we use, we might gather and utilize your information. Through this privacy policy, we strive to make clear how we obtain, use, store, and disclose personal information when you use Tabproxy's services (collectively referred to as "Services" above). Update, manage, and safeguard this data. I hope you carefully read this privacy statement because it has a tight relationship to the easy cloud service product you are using.

By using our service, you consent to our collection, use, storage, and disclosure of your pertinent information in line with this privacy statement and our provision of the control and security measures to you.

1. Disclaimer

1.1 This Privacy Policy applies to all Tabproxy services.

1.2 You get the services offered by Tabproxy from third parties, such as the service provider to provide and use, apply, apply, and apply your information and privacy between your information and privacy.

1.3 The term "information" used in this privacy statement alludes to the data gathered in the second article. When you keep data in the product easy cloud system, this privacy policy does not apply.

2.The area of information gathering

When you sign up for an account, Tabproxy will ask you to create a login name and password for your account as well as a security question and answer for password recovery. Only the password you choose can be used to access the account. Your personally identifiable information could be lost if you reveal your password, which could have negative legal repercussions for you. Tabproxy should be contacted right away if accounts or passwords are actually or potentially dangerous for any reason. Tabproxy will not be held responsible until Tabproxy takes action.

2.2 Bank Account Information

If you must disclose your bank account information in order to use one of Tabproxy's services, Tabproxy will rigorously abide by the terms of the applicable confidentiality agreement after you do.

2.3 Login record

Tabproxy will record and preserve the pertinent information about your login and use of this service in order to ensure the security of your use of the service and to continuously enhance the service quality, but Tabproxy guarantees that it will not disclose such information to any third party (unless the parties agree otherwise). Agreement or as otherwise provided by laws, regulations, and affiliates of Tabproxy).

2.4 Advertising

Tabproxy will compile detailed data on user identities and utilize or reveal it for marketing and incentive reasons.

3.Ways to gather information

3.1 We gather your data both when you proactively submit it and when we create the necessary records for your service.

3.2 We may collect and use your information through cookies and other related technologies.

3.3 You can reject or manage cookies via browser settings.But please note that if you deactivate cookies, you may not be able to enjoy the best service experience, and the availability of some features may be affected.

3.4 Information on Tabproxy Cookies will apply this privacy statement.

4. Information

We may use the data we gather for the following purposes, all while maintaining compliance with applicable laws and regulations, in order to give you a better, more convenient, and safe service:

serve you in some way.

satiate your specific request.

creation and optimization of services.

For instance, based on the data produced during your needs as determined by the Tabproxy system, we will optimize our services.

Protect the partners, users, and users of Tabproxy.

As an illustration, we will use your information for authentication, security prevention, handling complaints, coordinating disputes, and tracking fraud.

For instance, when you utilize security features or other comparable services, we will find fraudulent data or detect hazardous programs or viruses.

Give you more services that are connected. Give you similar features or services, for instance, that you might find appealing.

We would like to invite you to take part in our investigation into our goods and services.

If the use scenario is unreasonable given the first scene, we will re-regulate your consent before using the information in other connected situations that may be necessary.

5. Information disclosure

We won't divulge your information to anyone else. The following justifications may warrant disclosing your information:

Observe pertinent rules, such as applicable laws and rules.

obey the judgement, judgment, or other legal requirements of the court.

obey the rules set forth by the appropriate governmental bodies or other authorities.

We have a purpose to make sure that we control pertinent legislation and regulations.

To carry out the applicable service agreement or this privacy statement, defend the public interest, deal with complaints or controversies, and secure the essential interests of our clients, our connected businesses, other users, other users, or workers. With your consent, legally.

We will promptly let you know when we release your information for the aforementioned purposes that you must follow by all applicable laws and regulations as well as the terms of this statement.

6. Information storage

6.1 Tabproxy collects information related to your information related to your information in Tabproxy is located in mainland China.

6.2 Normally, we only keep your information during your service period, and the reserved time does not exceed the time required to meet the relevant purpose of use.

However, in the following cases, and only for the following situations, we may need longer time to retain your information or part of the information:

Comply with relevant regulations such as applicable laws and regulations.

Comply with the requirements of the court's judgment, ruling or other legal procedures.

Comply with the provisions of relevant government agencies or other authorities.

We have reason to ensure that we regulate relevant regulations such as laws and regulations.

In order to implement the relevant service agreement or this privacy statement, safeguard the public interests, handle complaints/controversy, and protect the necessary purpose of our customers, or our affiliated companies, other users, other users, or employees.

7. Seven, information security

7.1 We strive to ensure information security, prevent information loss, improper use, unauthorized reading or disclosure.

We use a variety of security technologies to protect information security. For example, we will prevent information leakage, damage, and loss through server -backup and password encryption.

We have established a strict management system and process to ensure information security. For example, we strictly restrict the scope of personnel access and require them to obey the confidentiality obligations.

We pay attention to information security compliance work and fully protect your information security with advanced solutions in the industry.

However, please understand that due to the technical restrictions and the various malicious means that may exist, in the Internet environment, even if security measures can be strengthened, it is impossible to ensure 100%of the information. You need to understand that you can access our services and communication networks, which may have problems due to our controllable factors.

If security incidents such as personal information leakage occur, we will start emergency plans to prevent security events, and report in time in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national network security incident, and notify you, push notification, announcement, etc. in the form of sending emails, and provide you with providing you Safety suggestions.

7.2 In order to ensure your information security, we also hope that you will strengthen self -protection awareness. We only cause your personal information leakage to only in Tabproxy, so please keep your account and password information properly to avoid your personal information leakage. The Tabproxy account has security protection, but you also need to properly protect your personal information. Unless you think it is necessary, you will not provide personal information such as account passwords to any third party.

8. Visit and control

8.1 If you find that we violate the provisions of laws and regulations or collect or use your information between the two parties, you can ask us to delete it. If you find that we collect and your information is stored, you cannot correct it, and you can ask us to correct it.

8.2 When accessing, modifying, and deleting relevant information, we may ask you to verify your identity to ensure account security. Please understand that due to technical restrictions, some requests may not be able to respond in accordance with laws and regulations.

8.3 Based on the requirements of laws and regulations, ensure information security and other reasons, some information may not be accessible, modified, and deleted.

8.4 You can choose to revoke the consent of some non -basic functions or services, and select the Tabproxy account through contact customer service.

8.5 If you have any questions about the above rights, you can contact us through the relevant contact information in "Ten, Contact Us".

9. Change

We reserve the right to amend this privacy statement's terms at any time and in any manner. We will manipulate or manipulate or manipulate or manipulate in other ways in other ways or manipulate or manipulate in other ways in a major position if you may cause you to limit or expand the use of information in this privacy statement and change the use of information. Before rewriting, use other means to transmit your email or other material. Use other means to manipulate or use other means to manipulate or use other means to manipulate. enlighten you In this situation, your continued use of our service constitutes your acceptance of the limited privacy policy.

10. Contact us

Please fill out the appropriate information in accordance with the guidance we provide if you have any questions about this policy or other related issues, and then send your inquiry to [email protected]. We will review the issues involved as soon as we can and confirm the identity of your user for 30 days. I'll respond.