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Invitation rebate commission

Tabproxy Referral Program is an incentive plan for users who want to refer their friends to Tabproxy. Users will receive referral rewards as long as referred users meet referral requirements. At the same time, Tabproxy supports IP balance exchange and invitation cashback (stay tuned) and other functions. Tabproxy adopts an invitation rebate level mechanism, the details are as follows:

Referral Program:

1.Users need to invite friends (the Invitee(s)) to register on Tabproxy through the Personal Referral Link.

2.After the invited user completes the registration using the invitation link, the inviter can get a commission reward corresponding to the proportion of each recharge of the invited user.

Referral TierTotal Trading Volume from All Invitees  -T($)Referral Ratio
10≤ T <20003%
22000≤ T <15,0005%
315,000≤ T <30,0008%
4T ≥ 30,00010%


1.All invited users only need to register with an exclusive invitation link to confirm the commission rebate relationship with the inviter.

2.The invitation commission can be credited to your Tab account, and the exchange of IP balance is supported.

3.Commission = The actual recharge amount of the invited user * Referral Ratio

4.Reminder: Referral rewards are subject to real-time market adjustment. Tabproxy reserves the final right on the interpretation and adjustment of the Referral Program. Please stay tuned for official announcements for any changes.

In what formats are the proxies available?

Proxies are available in both https and socks5 formats. Make sure to use the appropriate port when configuring.

What are the options for renewing my proxies?

You can renew your agent in your personal account. there are Available methods: Manually renew before expiration at your convenience.

Can I receive proxies from different subnets?

Yes, one of our service's benefits is the automatic issuance of proxies with the maximum possible spread across various networks/subnets.

Can I purchase a proxy of a specific city?

Before purchasing, please consult with our support team regarding the availability of the specific city you want. If the city is available, we'll take your request into account, and the order will be processed manually.

Can I request to replace the proxy?

If you experience difficulties with the IP addresses, you can reach out to our support team email:[email protected]. Your request for a replacement will be processed accordingly.

Is the proxy provided exclusively for my use?

Yes, we provide proxies for individual use only.

How quickly is a proxy issued?

A proxy can typically be selected and connected within a minute.
However, if we need to verify that the use case doesn't violate our
terms of service, the process may take longer.