Canadian Residential Proxies

Ditch geo-fences, snag Canadian deals, dominate research, rule social media, and shield your brand – 85,124 real Canadian IPs unlock Canada's digital doors with TabProxy.

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Residential IPs

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Snag Canadian deals

Skip geo-fences and grab exclusive flights, hotels, and online discounts only locals see. Save big on Tim Hortons coffee, hockey tickets, or that limited-edition poutine merch.

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Dominate research

Ditch location bias and gather real Canadian consumer data. Understand regional buying patterns, test campaigns with authenticity, and gain a strategic edge in the diverse Canadian market.

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Connect with Canadians

Engage with platforms like Facebook and Twitter without regional limits. Share your content, connect with local influencers, and build brand awareness where your audience lives. Go viral with a maple syrup meme or become a hockey superfan online.

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Protect your brand

Monitor your reputation across Canada, from Toronto streets to remote villages. Detect counterfeiting, address negative reviews, and build trust with Canadian consumers like a friendly neighbor.

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