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Utilizes over 200 million real IP addresses from 195 countries and territories worldwide. Choose any location, device, and browser to connect to the Internet.


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TabProxy Offers Global Data Solutions.

Continuously updated IP pools for secure, flexible data scraping from any country or city.


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North America

Untited States 4,432,956+ IPs
Canada 85,124+ IPs
Mexico 1,389,098+ IPs

South America

Argentina 824,726+ IPs
Brazil 2,352,726+ IPs


France 916,745+ IPs
United Kingdom 1,853,032+ IPs


South Africa 1,047,582+ IPs
Algeria 1,826,593+ IPs


South Korea 690,473+ IPs
Malaysia 387,139+ IPs
Singapore 71,525+ IPs


Australia 623,481+ IPs
New Zealand 2,317,876+ IPs

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Learn how organizations in a wide range of industries are gaining a competitive advantage with TabProxy's premium, secure residential proxy IP pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number of IPs I can use?

You have unlimited access to our 200M+ real residential IPs. you are only limited by traffic, not by the number of IPs.

Can I choose proxy IPs from different countries?

Yes, you can choose any proxy IP in different countries and regions according to your business needs.

What if I still have an unused balance after the expiry date?

If you still have a remaining balance in your account after the expiration date, we will retain that balance for you, and you will be able to activate the previous remaining balance and continue to use it after you recharge your account again.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit card, PayPal, and Alipay payments. You can also pay with cryptocurrencies. More payment channels are coming soon.

Are residential proxies legal?

Yes, TabProxy residential IP addresses are obtained from the devices of ordinary Internet users and are completely ethical.